Best Oral Surgeon in NYC is a woman!

The Best Oral Surgeon in NYC is a Woman

In March, we celebrate both Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Which got us thinking about the history of women in dentistry…

We all know that Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi is the best oral surgeon in NYC (everybody knows that), but what about the women who came before her? Who paved the way for Dr. Ghazal and other women doctors?

Women in Dentistry and Oral Surgery

So, here’s a quick and dirty history lesson – don’t worry, it won’t be boring! In fact, you may be as surprised as we were about some of these dates.

1814: Josephine Serre became the first woman to receive a dentistry degree from the University of Tartu.

1855: Emeline Roberts Jones became the first woman to practice dentistry in the United States. She married the dentist Daniel Jones when she was a teenager and became his assistant in 1855.

1866: Lucy Hobbs Taylor became the first woman to graduate from a dental college.

1958: Almost 100 years after Dr. Emeline Roberts Jones began practicing dentistry, Elaine Alice Stuebner graduated as the first female OMS from the Cook County Hospital oral surgery residency program. 

1965: Badri Teymourtash and Amir Esmael Sondoozi founded Mashhad dental school in 1965, and Teymourtash became the first female dean of a dental school in 1967. Dr. Teymourtash became the first female dentist in Iran. (Dr. Ghazal’s family is from Iran.)

It’s incredible to think that in 2022, we are only 64 years from the first woman becoming an oral & maxillofacial surgeon! The first female to become a dentist in Iran, where Dr. Ghazal’s family is from, was a mere 57 years ago.

Wow! It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Women have come so far and accomplished so much in an incredibly short amount of time. But what does it take to be the best?

Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi: the Best Oral Surgeon in NYC

For most oral surgeons, their job is just that — a job. But for Dr. Ghazal, oral surgery is her passion. She takes her job home with her every night, and she likes it that way. When your job is your passion, it’s a joy to be thinking and working all the time.

What does that mean for you as a patient? It means you get a doctor 100% committed to your health and a stellar outcome. Dr. Ghazal takes each patient step-by-step through every procedure. Have a concern? Ask her about it! Dr. Ghazal and the entire Upper East OMS team believe in giving each patient the time they need.

Ever feel rushed at the doctor’s office? Do you leave feeling unsure if you were heard or that your symptoms weren’t fully understood and appreciated? Isn’t that a terrible feeling?

No need to fear that we will rush you at our office. Second only to Dr. Ghazal’s skills as a surgeon is her time spent with patients. Listening is an underrated talent in the medical field. But ask any patient who wasn’t listened to or had their symptoms ignored by a medical professional, and you’ll quickly realize the value of a doctor who listens well.

Of course, Dr. Ghazal has remarkable qualifications and credentials, and her skills as a surgeon are unparalleled. She would qualify as the very best in her field already, but what makes her truly special is her heart. Many doctors in her position fall back on their talent and never really connect with their patients. With Dr. Ghazal, you get both: a doctor with absolute expertise who cares.

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