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Best Wisdom Teeth Removal NYC

Because impacted wisdom teeth often produce so many symptoms, we recommend they be surgically removed.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Choosing an Oral Surgeon in NYC: General Dentist vs. a Specialist

Your general dentist has informed you that you need more extensive dental work. Your wisdom teeth need to be removed, you need a dental implant, or perhaps you are suffering from TMJ and need treatment. The general dentist assures you that they can take care of all of your dental needs right there in their […]

Best Oral Surgeon in NYC

7 Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon At Your Pre-Op Appointment

Prepare for your dental surgery consultation by reviewing this list of 7 questions to ask your oral surgeon about your procedure and recovery time.


Tips for Managing Oral Surgery Fear and Anxiety

NYC’s best oral surgeon offers five top tips for coping with oral surgery fear or anxiety, from a super-positive life-coach favorite to sedation.

A girl coping with oral surgery fear or anxiety.

Making Wise Choices: Wisdom Teeth Removal in NYC

Wisdom teeth are adult teeth that come in much later than the rest of your adult teeth.

Making Wise Choices: Wisdom Teeth Removal in NYC