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Dental Implants NYC

Do you have a missing tooth or missing teeth? Dental implants are a great way to restore function and aesthetics to your smile.  

What is a dental implant? Dental implants are artificial roots for missing teeth. The titanium implant is placed in the jawbone, where it eventually becomes a permanent part of your jaw structure. The dental implant does not slip, cause bone damage, or decay over time. It becomes a secure and dependable anchor point for a crown, denture, or dental implant bridge.

Advantages Of Dental Implants NYC

Dental Implants NYC Can Last a Lifetime

The average dental implant lasts around 25 years. Compared to dental bridges and dentures, which last 5-10 years, there is a significant difference. Some factors affect how long your dental implants last, such as oral hygiene, whether or not you smoke, genetics, and nutritional habits. But if you are responsible for your oral health and visit your dentist often, your dental implant will reward you by lasting a long time.

Dental Implants NYC Can Preserve Facial Structure

Many people think of wrinkles when it comes to aging, but the facial structure is also incredibly important – particularly your jawline. Stimulating your jawbone is essential to maintaining your jawline, and when you lose teeth, your jaw atrophies. Over time, this makes you look older. Implants replace missing tooth roots, stimulating the jaw and sustaining your face shape.

Dental Implants NYC Help Maintain Tooth Placement

If you’ve ever forgotten to wear your aligners or retainer for a day or two, you know that teeth shift around quite a bit. A retainer can be challenging to put back on, even if you miss wearing it for one night. Teeth move around quite a bit, and when you are missing a tooth, the empty space allows your teeth to spread out and become misaligned. Since a dental implant and crown act as a replacement tooth, you don’t have to worry about your teeth moving.

Dental Implants NYC Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Did you know that gaps from missing teeth attract bacteria? Bacteria in the mouth is nasty for your oral health. Bacteria leads to gingivitis, which can eventually result in an infection in your gums. Gum disease, also called periodontitis, is a severe problem to your oral and overall health. By filling the gap in your mouth with a dental implant and crown, you reduce the likelihood of gum disease

Best Oral Surgeon in NYC for Dental Implants 

When selecting someone to perform your implant surgery, it just makes sense to choose the best oral surgeon in NYC, Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi. With Dr. Ghazal, you can expect the highest level of expertise, technology, and a friendly bedside manner. Please get in touch anytime with questions about dental implants or other dental concerns. 

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