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What are Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi’s Patients Saying About Their Experiences with Her?

The reviews are in, and Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi is a crowd favorite! A whopping 779 Google and ZocDoc reviewers agree that Dr. Ghazal is the best oral surgeon in NYC. Common themes include feeling safe and comfortable at Upper East OMS despite being afraid of dentists; having wisdom teeth removed and reporting that it was a breeze; experiencing patience and understanding; and having everything explained thoroughly. Her patients describe Dr. Ghazal and her staff as friendly, professional, personable, compassionate, informative, and pleasant.

Many businesses work hard for reviews like this, and Dr. Mahjoubi does work hard, but being the best oral surgeon in NYC has everything to do with her commitment. Like her father before her, this doctor has dedicated her life to helping patients achieve big, essential transformations.

Wisdom Teeth

Almost everybody gets them, but we can’t all keep them! Wisdom teeth can become stuck against neighboring teeth, or impacted, and unable to fully develop properly. For some people, impacted wisdom teeth cause no trouble at all, while others may have pain, pressure, or decay as a result. When these issues arise, the wisdom teeth have to come out.

Dr. Ghazal extracts a lot of wisdom teeth. Nearly all of her wisdom-tooth patients describe a quick and nigh-painless experience. Stories of consultations one day and quick, easy extractions the next follow claims that reviewers would do it again if Dr. Ghazal were treating them! We’re not kidding, some folks really said they’d have their wisdom teeth extracted again because it was such a pleasant experience.


Implants are often necessary for patients who have a missing or damaged tooth of which no part can be preserved to support a crown. Designed to replace a tooth’s root, titanium implants implanted surgically into the jawbone serve an essential purpose. Not only can they support a restoration such as a crown, but implants prevent bone loss that can occur when a tooth is missing or extracted without being replaced.

Dr. Ghazal’s implant patients overwhelmingly report feeling that the experience was as pleasant as it could possibly have been. No one wants to get an implant if they can avoid it, but glowing reviews reflect an enjoyable, attentive, and warm experience with excellent follow-up.


Less common, but every bit as disconcerting, a variety of types of oral or dental cysts can appear anywhere in or near the mouth—soft tissue, jaw, palate, or near the root of a tooth. They’re usually benign but may cause pain, pressure, or even migration of teeth.

Dr. Ghazal expertly removes even the most complex of cysts, and patients who have seen her for this treatment remark above all on her communication and accessibility. Being a bit out of their comfort zones, these patients found they had a lot of questions which Dr. Mahjoubi was happy to answer for them at all hours of the day.

Dr. Ghazal also performs Botox, biopsies, bone grafts, and other procedures with the same skill, expertise, patience, and gentleness. Her patients know she’s the best oral surgeon in NYC. To join the scores of happy Dr. Ghazal patients, schedule a consultation today!

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