Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If only wisdom teeth really imparted wisdom instead of causing pain! So why do wisdom teeth cause so much trouble? It’s a simple matter of numbers.

The average mouth holds 28 teeth. When wisdom teeth erupt, four teeth are added. If they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth don’t have to be removed. Unfortunately, it is more common for wisdom teeth to become impacted, grow in sideways, or only partially emerge from the gum.

Many of our patients are nervous about their wisdom teeth extraction, which is entirely normal. However, these same patients later report that they are surprised at how easy the entire event was. Some even write glowing reviews that their experience was ‘super smooth,’ ‘a breeze,’ and ‘a seamless experience.’

Of course, Dr. Mahjoubi uses the most cutting-edge technology and techniques while operating, but the real difference is her focus on you. While you are in our office for dental surgery, the entire Upper East gives their full attention to your needs.

If you’re still hesitant about wisdom tooth removal or have questions, please get in touch. We want you to be at ease from start to finish.